The Alarming Truth About Motion-Sensor Pool Alarms

If you’re a pool owner with young kids or pets, you’ve probably thought about getting a pool alarm, or maybe you already have one. While they offer benefits and can form a part of a comprehensive pool safety plan, there are some downsides to pool alarms you should definitely think about.

standart pool alarms

So, how exactly does standard pool alarms work?

Most products available today use motion sensors to pick up on any unusual movements in the water, alerting you if a child or pet falls unexpectedly into the water. Some alarms have surface wave sensors for spotting ripples on the water’s surface, and others use immersion sensors to detect any sudden motion taking place underwater. But this is why pool alarms tend to fall short…

The Pros:

Pool alarms are popular for good reason. They add an extra layer of security to your pool, alerting you when something or someone unexpectedly enters an empty swimming pool. Starting at just $40, they’re an affordable way to enhance safety alongside other measures like gates or covers. It’s important to note, though, that there are some significant downsides to pool alarms that could potentially be risky, even life-threatening.

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The Cons:

The first issue is frequent false alarms. You need your pool alarm to alert you if your kid enters the pool. The problem is wind, birds, a fallen branch, and even pool cleaning robots, can all trigger false alarms, potentially desensitizing you to actual dangers!

Secondly, many pool alarms need to be reset once activated. Failure to reset the alarm can leave your pool vulnerable (akin to forgetting to arm your home security system).

But, the biggest problem with pool alarms? They’re not much help when kids are already playing in the pool. There’s a bit more too it.

The cons of standart pool alarms

The Hidden Blind spots of Pool Alarms

With its motion sensors, pool alarms are useful if a kid takes an unexpected plunge or sneaks into the water (although they tend to be susceptible to false alarms). Yet, it’s this very technology that leaves them lacking in a couple of crucial aspects.

  1. Pool alarms can’t detect someone struggling or being at risk of drowning while they’re already in the water, playing or swimming.

  2. Pool alarms are not able to detect “silent drowning” – a type often seen in kids under 5.  Silent drowning happens when someone breathes in water without showing immediate signs of distress, occurring quickly and quietly.

This is a potentially life-saving issue because, according to the NDPA, 88% of child drownings occur even when an adult is nearby, and half of these tragic incidents happen within 25 yards of a parent or another adult.

Filling in the “missing” layers of pool protection

MYLO is no souped-up pool alarm. In fact, it leverages state-of-the art AI technology to overcome the shortcomings of conventional pool alarms, and do much more, besides.

  1. MYLO relies on AI-powered computer vision, not motion sensors, so it can accurately “see” if a child or infant is in distress underwater or at risk of silent drowning.
  2. MYLO rarely generates false alarms. It knows that a pool robot cleaner is not a swimmer. And it knows when a pool user’s activity is suspicious or at risk.
  3. MYLO doesn’t have to be reset. Its constantly on duty, monitoring pool activity and ready to alert you to any potential drowning risks.
  4. MYLO alerts you when a child enters the pool unexpectedly (just like a regular pool alarm) and it also alerts you to drowning risks when the pool is being used.


MYLO has the best pool alarm technology, based on A.I

Wrapping up

Putting your family’s safety first means beefing up your pool security with several layers of protection.

Sure, keeping a constant watch on your kids while they’re in the pool, and making sure they are good swimmers are key, but adding extra safety features like fencing, pool covers, alarms, and especially AI-powered virtual lifeguard can massively lower the risk of drowning incidents. This way, you get to enjoy your pool with total peace of mind, all year long.

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