MYLO AI Drowning Detection Pool Alarm Reviews

Joe Bove:

We had this product recommended to us by a friend and have been overly impressed. The product has two camera’s (one above the pool and one in the pool). I have access to look at my pool from my phone even when I am not home, which provides me with great re-assurance at all times of the day. One of the best attributes is that it is in the pool at all times so there is no need to take it in and out (or forget to put it in the one time you wish it was in). We had a large party and it had no unreliable alerts. Fairly accurate. Customer service is also excellent in helping me set it up and gets you connected to a live individual to troubleshoot without any waste of your time.

Dorothy Figura:
We love him!!
❤️ I believe every pool should have one. He is the absolute best and after having mylo I can’t imagine not having him. Thank you so much!

HS Hotel
MYLO Is a Great Help to our Lifeguards and Staff, it provides to us and our guests another layer of safety

Lilian Madison:
We Bought MYLO so we can have a peace of mind when our grandchildren come to visit, and indeed MYLO is always there to monitor.

Bob Moris
We have a Fence, but we were always feeling it’s not enough since we keep it open when the pool is active, and Since we installed MYLO, we feel so secure, because we know there is 24/7 monitoring of the pool!  and the App is great too!

Terry S.:
what we love about MYLO is that it can fit almost to every pool ! and we can monitor the activity from the App even when we are not home


A person who swallows water and is about to drown is typically sinking to the bottom and once at the bottom he/she is motionless. Therefore faking drowning in order to test the MYLO is NOT trivial. In order to do that you need to stay motionless at the bottom of the pool for about 12-15 seconds. The best way to simulate drowning is to stay at the bottom, hold on to some weight, and count for 15 secs. only AFTER you stabilize yourself and become motionless at the bottom, It might take several trials, but rest assured that if you stay motionless for 15 seconds the alarm will go off.

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Pool Alarm System MYLO
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