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Meet MYLO, the world’s first AI lifeguard for residential pools. This latest innovation in the pool alarm field gives peace of mind to pool owners with its Smart Pool AI Monitoring Technology.  Features a patented Underwater Computer Detection Camera that provides a real-time video of the pool with advanced AI  monitoring to notify and alert BOTH on pool entrance and also drowning incidents. MYLO is THE best solution for pool protection on the market!

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  • 50 Foot Cord + $20 -


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Three Layers of Advanced Protection (Entry Alerts, Pre-Drowning Risk Alerts, Drowning Risk Alerts)
Continuous Monitoring
Life Saving Technology
Real-Time A.I. Risk Calculation
Safe & Secure
App Notification & Home Alarm Alerts
Easy Plug & Play Design

What’s included

Pool unit
Home unit
Docking station
US Power cord + 6 meter cable (MYLO works only with Power cord)*
Accessories pack
Quick start guide
Mobile app

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Pool Alarm System MYLO
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