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Smart Pool Monitoring System with AI Life-Saving Technology

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MYLO is the world’s first A.I. Lifeguard System that actively monitors your pool. The smart technology allows MYLO to detect drowning risks and identify drowning scenarios to send a series of escalating alarms via mobile notifications and home alarm system. Check out the video for more information on the peace of mind MYLO can bring to you!

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Life Saving Technology

A.I. technology identifies life threatening scenarios to prevent drownings.

Safe & Secure

MYLO runs A.I. software internally, which allows to operate as a secure closed system.

Plug & Play Design

Begin monitoring your pool within minutes with easy installation!

Continuous Monitoring

MYLO quickly alert owners locally, via mobile, and in-home alarm.



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Meet MYLO, the world’s first virtual lifeguard for residential pools. This latest innovation in the pool industry gives peace of mind to pool owners with its Smart Pool AI Monitoring Technology.  Features a patented Underwater Computer Detection Camera that provides a real-time video of the pool with advanced AI  monitoring to notify and alert BOTH on pool entrance and also drowning incidents. MYLO is THE best solution for pool protection on the market!

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We had this product recommended to us by a friend and have been overly impressed. The product has two camera's (one above the pool and one in the pool). I have access to look at my pool from my phone even when I am not home, which provides me with great re-assurance at all times of the day. One of the best attributes is that it is in the pool at all times so there is no need to take it in and out (or forget to put it in the one time you wish it was in). We had a large party and it had no unreliable alerts. Fairly accurate. Customer service is also excellent in helping me set it up and gets you connected to a live individual to troubleshoot without any waste of your time.
Joe Bove

Joe Bove

We love him!!❤️ I believe every pool should have one. He is the absolute best and after having mylo I can't imagine not having him. Thank you so much!
Dorothy Figura

Dorothy Figura

MYLO Is a Great Help to our Lifeguards and Staff, it provides to us and our guests another layer of safety
HS Hotel

HS Hotel

We Bought MYLO so we can have a peace of mind when our grandchildren come to visit, and indeed MYLO is always there to monitor.
Lilian Madison

Lilian Madison

We have a Fence, but we were always feeling it's not enough since we keep it open when the pool is active, and Since we installed MYLO, we feel so secure, because we know there is 24/7 monitoring of the pool! and the App is great too!
Bob Moris

Bob Moris

what we love about MYLO is that it can fit almost to every pool ! and we can monitor the activity from the App even when we are not home
Terry S.

Terry S.

With MYLO I can say I did the maximum to protect my family. We sometimes lie at the bottom of the pool when guests come to show how it works. People are amazed that it works so well!
Adam A

Adam A

The virtual lifeguard system has been the best investment for my pool to date! It has given me a peace of mind and security for not only myself but also my grandchildren. I would recommend this system as an added security for all pool owners!
Melinda K. Charles

Melinda K. Charles

s a pool owner, I’m responsible for the safety of my guests. So we looked for solutions to the danger of drowning and that's how we came up with this product. It’s the peace of mind of knowing you have another set of eyes looking after your kids.
Naama Zoref

Naama Zoref

I would like to emphasize my satisfaction with this life-saving device we installed in our private pool. I wholeheartedly recommend that all pool owners install the device for peace of mind, security and to prevent disaster.
Orly Marks

Orly Marks

In-Pool Monitoring Technology

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MYLO creates a critical level of protection for the entire pool as a virtual lifeguard. Featuring an above and below water camera, the technology can identify if someone has entered the pool and in such case it will notify on pool entry, but MYLO doesn't stop there and MYLO continues monitoring the pool activity and notifies with a series of escalating alarms on drowning incidents.

88% of drowning happen when pool is active - 320K annual drownings worldwide

In the United States:
More children ages 1–4 die from drowning than any other cause of death.
For children ages 5–14, drowning is the second leading cause of unintentional injury death

MYLO Hardware

See how it works

All alarms are sound in the pool itself, in the plug-in home unit, and push notifications are sent to all the paired smartphones in the MYLO app along with the image of the event that triggered the alarm.

Presence Alert - MYLO notifies you by a short alert when someone approaches the pool, and then when someone gets into the water (if the pool has not been used for more than several minutes).

Pre-Drowning Detection - As soon as MYLO detects distress signs it will start sounding a loud and escalating alarm.

Silent Drowning Detection - As soon as MYLO detects that a child or adult is motionless below water, it will start sounding a louder and further escalating alarm.

MYLO A.I. Continuously Learns and Improves

MYLO comes out of the box with extensive knowledge that enables it to detect most drowning events. As MYLO is used, it will utilize A.I. technology to continue learning through analyzing events in your pool. The integrated software allows your virtual lifeguard to improve over time and provide the highest level of protection.

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Why MYLO is the BEST solution on the market

Existing pool safety devices such as fences, pool covers, or mechanical alarms merely attempt to prevent unauthorized access to the pool. But they become useless when someone is already in the pool (whether authorized or not).

In contrast, MYLO with its underwater camera also monitors the pool when the pool is active and there are people in the pool. That is a new layer of protection that never existed before.

And that new layer protection is so important, because according to statistics 88% drowning deaths of children happen when the pool is active and there is at least 1 adult nearby..

Moreover, while existing alarms require you to deactivate and reactivate when using or exiting the pool, with MYLO you do not need to worry about forgetting to activate or deactivate, covering or uncovering, locking or unlocking anything.

MYLO is on the lookout nonstop, day and night!

Our Mission

We focus on creating people-led technology with a human-centered design that enhances the lives of users. MYLO was developed by our team to create a more immersive pool experience and provide peace of mind for pool owners with an advanced level of protection.

Click here to Learn more about partnering with MYLO to prevent drownings at commercial pools 

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